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Oculus Consulting Group continually provides insightful thought leadership through a variety of publications. Visit our Library or click on the button "Download Articles" to obtain a copy of selected articles.

Organizational Strategy

"Managing Knowledge Assets: The Cure for an Ailing Structure", CMA Canada Management Magazine, May 2002
"Life After Planning - How to build strategies that get implemented", CMA Canada Management Magazine, June 2001
Export Today's Global Business, "Are You World Ready?", January 2001
"Managing the Wealth - Knowledge is Power", CMA Canada Management Magazine, October 2000

Business Transformation

"Getting Your Finance Functions Ready for Blast Off in the Age of the Internet", Softworld eXtra Newsletter, May 2002.
"Winning in the Digital Economy", CMA Canada Management Magazine, March 2001
"The Need for Speed - Are you ready to ride the e-accounting roller coaster?", CMA Management Magazine, June 2000

Process Reengineering

"Can I do that on the Internet?", CMA Canada Management Magazine, December/January 2000
"Opening the books - Are you ready to use the Internet for financial data?", CMA Canada Management Magazine, July/August 1999

Technology Selection & Implementation

"Avoiding the Traps in Technology Selection", Softworld eXtra Newsletter, May 2002.
"Slaying the Competition Dragon - Partnering with an ASP", CMA Canada Management Magazine, March 2001
"Mastering the Monster - Six Steps to Better Manage the Software Selection Process", Projects @ Work Magazine, January 2001
"Natural Selection in an Electronic Supply Chain World - Avoiding traps in securing your supply chain solution", The Official Softworld Source Book, October 2000
"How to Choose Software - Six steps to better selection", CMA Canada Management Magazine, December/January 2000
"Selecting a Vendor - Preparing for the Software Demo", CMA Canada Management Magazine, December/January 2000
"Rapid ERP Implementations - Contradictions in Terminology", Management Accounting Magazine, December 1998.

Project Architecture & Management

"Buying into the Vision - Selling IT project management to your organization", CMA Canada Management Magazine, May 2001
Projects@Work, "Leading the Way!", July 2001

Performance Measurement

"The Balancing Act", CMA Canada Management Magazine, February 2002
"For Good Measure - 8 steps to establishing your IT performance measures", Strategic Finance, July 2000
"Measuring Up - The IT ROI Calculation", CMA Management Magazine, March 2000

For reprints of any of these publications, please contact the publishing entity or you can contact us for more information.To identify how your organization can get access to our influential thought leadership, please visit one of the links to our materials from the above list, utilize a button at the left, or contact us directly.

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