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Oculus Consulting Group continues to assist organizations of all shapes and sizes, in industries and environments both public and private to reach their vision. As a result of our efforts in business transformation and process reengineering, one of our clients received the prestigious REACH Award from CFO magazine in 1998. Our client's vision coupled with our resources transformed this organization into a "best at the basics" measurable reality. To learn how you can apply "best-in-class" to your organization, you need look no further than the Oculus Consulting Group! READ MORE ABOUT IT!

Integrating strategic thinking with your supply chain management tactics can be a logistical nightmare, to obtain our internationally published article "Winning in the Digital Economy", simply CLICK HERE or visit our Thought Leadership Library!

Establishing the right performance metrics for your organization takes more than just surfing the internet. Our highly sought after article entitled "FOR GOOD MEASURE - Eight Steps to Establishing Your IT Performance Measure" can help you guide you in your efforts and eliminate wasted effort. To get your copy simply CLICK HERE or visit our THOUGHT LEADERSHIP Library!


At Oculus Consulting, we believe that transforming your organization's vision into a measurable reality is more than just talk ... so enough said! Our case studies are about accomplishments! Here you can find examples of the work of our thorough, knowledgeable, experienced, and collaborative professionals who work diligently to enhance our clients with measurable results! To review a case study of interest in Adobe Reader, simply click on the study of your choice.

Organizing a global service entity's regulatory compliance initiatives Business Need: Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance - Service Offering: Project Architecture & Management

Rapidly selecting the right enterprise solution for a public sector organization with diverse requirements Business Need: Updating ERP Technology and Processes - Service Offering: Technology Selection and Implementation

Establishing a higher education institution's balanced strategic planning & measurement process Business Need: A Meaningful Strategic Plan and Performance Measurement Process- Service Offering: Organizational Strategy, Performance Measurement & Management

Architecting the rapid execution of a global manufacturing organization's technology solution Business Need: Enterprise Technology Transformation - Service Offering: Technology Selection & Implementation, Project Architecture & Management

Eliminating a global service organization's inefficient & expensive financial processes Business Need: Financial Process Reengineering & Cost Transformation - Service Offering: Process Reengineering, Business Transformation

Transforming a complex & antiquated public sector planning process Business Need: Balanced Strategic Planning & Performance Measurement - Service Offering: Organizational Strategy, Performance Measurement & Management

Executing a global financial service organization's critical CRM technology upgrade and process reengineering Business Need: Technology Upgrade & Project Management - Service Offerings: Technology Selection & Implementation, Project Management

Organizing & educating a national energy organization's project leadership for measurable success Business Need: ERP Project Organization, Education, and Architecture - Service Offering: Project Architecture & Management

Organizing & establishing a dynamic health care organization's strategic planning and balanced scorecard development Business Need: Organizational Strategy & Balanced Scorecard Architecture - Service Offering: Organizational Strategy, Performance Management


"We are frequently skeptical of external consultants, however the cost reduction and efficiency solutions you developed with our team were outstanding! The leadership Oculus provided was essential to our administrative team's reengineering success!" - President & Chief Executive Officer, Brillion Iron Works, Inc.

"Oculus enabled us to efficiently set our goals & strategies so we could get on with the business of serving our clients!" - Director, State Government Agency.

"Oculus always exceeds our expectations. Our reliance on the Oculus Consulting Group provides excellent returns on our consulting& advisory investments." - Finance Director, CNH N.V.

"Oculus provided me with practical advice in laying the administrative foundation for a new program -- without stifling my creativity. Their continued support has been invaluable to the implementation and development of my program, which is now recognized as a national model!" - Program Coordinator, State Government Agency

"We consider Oculus to be simply the best, and the first to contact when we need external advice. Their focus on our satisfaction is a refreshing change!" - CFO, Foundry & Metal Casting Company

"Oculus excels in their professionalism, relating to the client's needs, and providing technically sound expertise & advice. I consider them to be the ultimate consulting partner!" - Controller, CASE Corporation

"The direction we were given through our strategic planning process with Oculus enabled and motivated us to pursue more efficient and effective operations internally, as well as enhancing our relationships with partner organizations!" - Director, State Government Agency

"Oculus consultants do whatever it takes to satisfy the customer. Our returns from their advice easily exceed the cost of their services!" - Vice President, CASE Corporation

"Their project architecture methodology will be the standard model for all our future projects!" - Vice President, SecurityLink

To identify how Oculus Consulting Group can help your process reengineering vision become a measurable reality, please contact us directly.

At Oculus Consulting Group, we believe that our knowledge and expertise is only valuable when it is placed into execution and practice by our clients. Our thought leadership combines a fluid mix of framed experience, values, contextual information, and expert insight that can add value to your organization. To obtain our current thought leadership, visit our library of publications and past presentations. GO TO THE LIBRARY!

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