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Process Reengineering

For more than 150 years, organizations around the world have been enamored with improving their performance. With the world becoming increasingly mobile, more and more organizations are realizing that outperforming the competition requires a new and better way of doing things. In the face of intense competition and other business pressures, quality initiatives, cost reduction efforts, and continuous incremental process improvement projects are undertaken somewhere every business day. Unfortunately, although essential for survival, most will be woefully inadequate.

Objectives of a 5% or 10% improvement in business processes each year must give way to process reengineering efforts that achieve 50%, 100% or even 1000% improvement. Today's organizations must seek not just fractional, but exponential levels of improvement to remain in existence. Such radical levels of change require powerful new tools and accurate cohesive analysis required to facilitate the fundamental redesign of work.

At Oculus Consulting Group, we combine the adoption of a process view of the business with our individual and organizational expertise to assess the innovation necessary to achieve performance improvement in your key processes. Adopting a process view of your organization can represent a revolutionary change in perspective. It involves elements of structure, focus, measurement, ownership, and customers. We place a strong emphasis on how work is done within an organization, in contrast to an organization's common focus on what is getting done. The result is an organizational reality that provides measurable improvement.

To identify how your vision for process and organizational efficiency can become a measurable reality, please contact us directly.

To obtain our current process reengineering brochure focusing on the service organization, click here!

Oculus Consulting Group continues to assist organizations of all shapes and sizes, in industries and environments both public and private to reach their vision. As a result of our efforts in business transformation and process reengineering, one of our clients received the prestigious REACH Award from CFO magazine in 1998. Our client's vision coupled with our resources transformed this organization into a "best at the basics" measurable reality. To learn how you can apply "best-in-class" to your organization, you need look no further than the Oculus Consulting Group! READ MORE ABOUT IT!

Demonstrable process reengineering means cost reductions, operational efficiencies, and organizational acceptance! To learn more about our process reengineering success, CLICK HERE or visit our CASE STUDIES.

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