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Technology Selection & Implementation

Most organizations who undertake a new technology project often sound more like wine tasters than business executives. They use terms like "robust" and "hearty" to describe their technology needs and the qualities of their desired solutions. They insist that these projects "bring out the best" in the technology on their existing corporate menu. While they frequently raise their visionary glass to the technology solution with brand cachet, their judgment is often not as discerning as it should be.

New products, new business models, and the steady stream of consolidation among technology solutions make it tough for organizations to understand all their options and worse yet, to make the best choice.

Falling victim to brand hype, failing to understand the short and long-term realities of your business, and the frequent mismatch between key business processes and entity goals can prevent many organizations from getting the most out of their technology investments. The end is a measurable reality moving rapidly in a direction opposite of the vision the organization had intended.

At Oculus Consulting Group, we bring a comprehensive set of technology selection and implementation skills to your organization to focus on your existing technology landscape. We identify your critical business processes and requirements. Deploying resources who spend their entire existence measuring and evaluating technology vendors provides effective in-depth analysis you would never have the time to conduct on your own. Using a collaborative planning approach, we ensure that your organization's requirements govern the implementation process, and not the business requirements of so-called consulting implementers. Once the solution is operational, we provide an independent assessment to verify that your objectives have been met. The result is a technology selection and implementation with a measurable reality that is the culmination of your technology vision, and not the opposite of them.

To obtain our current technology selection and implementation brochure, click here!

To identify how your technology selection and implementation vision can become a measurable reality, please contact us directly.

Do you know all the questions you should be asking regarding technology selection and implementation? At Oculus Consulting Group, we wrote the book on technology selection. To get your copy of "The Software Selection Questionnaire", visit our Bookstore,BUY IT NOW!!, or visit Amazon.com.

Structuring an effective technology selection project for your organization should not be an informal task. To obtain our internationally published article entitled "HOW TO CHOOSE SOFTWARE - SIX STEPS TO A BETTER SELECTION", simply CLICK HERE or you can vist our THOUGHT LEADERSHIP Library.

To learn how we helped a highly regulated organization successfully select an ERP solution, simply CLICK HERE or visit our CASE STUDIES for more information

Do you know how to ensure you retain control during the vendor demonstration process? Our highly requested article entitled "SELECTING A VENDOR - PREPARING FOR THE SOFTWARE DEMO" can help provide an essential overview for your organization. To get your copy, simply CLICK HERE, or you can visit our THOUGHT LEADERSHIP Library.

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