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In your organization, there is only one imperative: measurable results.  That’s what you demand of your organization, and that’s also what our clients demand of us.  It is what we demand of ourselves.  And transforming your organization’s vision into a measurable reality is the focus of all we do.

Utilizing our organization’s unique resources, we have developed approaches that help our clients achieve this goal.  We bring knowledge of specific industries supported by a broad understanding of the business issues common to all of them.  We provide disciplined and executable methodologies aimed at helping organizations create a measurable reality and sustainable results in their products & services, their business relationships, and most importantly, in their bottom line.


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Every organization regardless of its industry, location, environment, or longevity has at least one strategy. To remain in existence. How do you know that you're making the measurable progress that you require to remain in existence?

Organizational Transformation

If you're not willing to change your business models or recognize the need to do so, chances are that your organization will fail. Your key to transformation depends largely on your organization's ability to capture, analyze, leverage, and distribute the wealth of information you have and need to be successful.​

Process Reengineering

Objectives of a 5% or 10% improvement in business processes each year must give way to process reengineering efforts that achieve 50%, 100% or even 1,000% improvement. Today's organizations must seek not just fractional, but exponential levels of improvement to remain in existence.

Technology Implementation

New products, new business models, and the steady stream of new applications among technology providers make it tough for organizations to understand all their options and worse yet, to make the best choice.

Project Management

Projects are neither new nor are they revolutionary. The ultimate purpose of any project is to defeat the external and internal factors that oppose it in order to claim some sort of prize for your organization. That prize is a measurable reality that corresponds to and enhances your organization's vision.

Performance Measurement

If you don't improve - at least at a marginal rate, then you probably aren't even maintaining the current level of productivity and profitability require to foster growth. In your organization, there is only one imperative: measurable results.

How an Organizational Vision Became a Measurable Reality


What do you do with a hodgepodge of finance systems and processes?  How do you reign in costs and processes that are out of control?  With more than 2 dozen facilities each boasting their own financial management systems and diverse processes, CASE Corporation executives faced this exact situation.  The task could seem onerous to even the bravest of executives. For CASE Corporation the answer was obvious.  They needed to reengineer!

In the face of intense competition and other business pressures, CASE devised a global vision for their accounting processing and an integrated financial system solution.

Oculus Consulting Group resources played key roles and provided valuable assistance in the execution of our client’s vision by providing knowledgeable expertise and resources who:

  • Conducted project oversight & management
  • Designed, developed, & implemented a worldwide vision of systems and processes for Accounts Receivable functions
  • Designed, developed, & implemented a worldwide vision of systems and processes for Accounts Payable functions
  • Organized, executed, and implemented worldwide integration of the global finance center vision establishing finance centers in Europe, North America, and Australia.

Transforming the CASE Corporation vision for financial transaction processes and integrated systems resulted in a measurable reality that includes:

  • 1996 = Finalist in 3 Reach Award categories
  • 1997 = Winners of Best-in-Class in 2 categories: Internal Audit Operations and Accounting Processing
  • 1998 = Overall Champion of the CFO Magazine Reach Award and Winners of Best-in-Class in 4 categories: Treasury Operations, Tax Operations, Customer Processing, and Accounting Processing.

When it comes to transforming your vision for accounting processes and integrated financial systems into a measurable reality, Oculus Consulting Group has the demonstrated knowledge and recognized expertise to help you achieve a world class best practice reality.

To learn more about CASE Corporation’s success in reengineering their accounting and finance business processes, checkout the CFO magazine January 1999 edition.

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